English Phrasal Verb – Black out

Phrasal Verb black out Definition to lose consciousness Examples The baseball hit himhard and he blacked out for a while. I don’t remember much about it, I blacked out after a while. Verb and preposition separated? Can’t be separated Normal or Informal Normal American / British / International International Regular / Irregular Black is a regular verb

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English Phrasal Verb – Back down

Phrasal Verb back down Definition to reply in a rude way Examples He wanted to go first but in the end he backed down and let her go first. “I won’t back down.” Tom Petty, I won’t back down Verb and preposition separated? Can’t be separated Normal or Informal Normal American / British / International American Regular / Irregular Back […]

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What is ____ like?

When we want someone to describe something or someone for us, we can ask the question “What is … like?“ What is the weather like? It’s hot and sunny. What’s your mother like? She’s patient and kind. What’s New York like? It’s big and exciting. What was the match like? It was boring.

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Wish and If only


When we want something to be different than it is we can make sentences with wish or if only. Wish Present subject wish subject past simple   I wish I had a million dollars. I wish I could speak Chinese. I wish she lived nearer. It is the same construction as the second conditional. As with the second conditional it […]

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Learn Business English with video: Advertising

Psychological tricks in advertising Level: B1 – Intermediate, American English Advertisers use many methods to persuade us to buy their products. In this clip, pyschologist Robert Cialdini, who spent three years studying their methods, tells us what are the six most important. Watch the video and put the methods in the order in which he talks about them. 

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Advanced Dictation

The Bridges of Madison County, trailer Level: C1 – Advanced, American English This is the trailer for the 1995 tearjerker with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. It is, of course, a love story and in this trailer there is some useful “affairs of the heart” vocabulary which we use especially in written English. 

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Imperative form

Be quiet!

When we tell someone to do something we use the base form of the verb. Examples Be quiet! Come here, please. Look after your sister while I’m out. When we tell someone not to do something we use Don’t + base form or Do not + base form Examples Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t be silly! Do not do that […]

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Uses of will

What would you like to eat?

Of course we use will in English but not as often as you might think. Here is when we use it: To make an immediate decision What would you like to eat? I‘ll have a ham sandwich please. To make an offer You see that someone needs your help and so you offer to help him: I‘ll carry that for […]

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There is / There are

There is a blackbird in the garden.

Look at these sentences: There is a blackbird in the garden. There’s a bottle of coke in the fridge. There are sixty people in the waiting room. There are a lot of wild animals in the forest. We use the form there is in the singular form and the form there are in the plural form. Singular Positive Negative Question […]

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