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Bob Seger, The Ring Level: Elementary – American English This is a song about a woman who got married too young and was not able to realise her dreams. Life becomes monotonous and her wedding ring is a reminder of where it all went wrong. In this exercise there are some useful common nouns.  Glossary “see him through” : get […]

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Verbs of movement

Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris – Return of the Grievous Angel Level: B1 (Intermediate) – American English Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris sing about travelling around America on 20,000 roads all of which lead back home. In this exercise there are some common, and some less well-known, verbs of movement.  See also: Prepositions after verbs of movement

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Learn Business English with video: Advertising

Psychological tricks in advertising Level: B1 – Intermediate, American English Advertisers use many methods to persuade us to buy their products. In this clip, pyschologist Robert Cialdini, who spent three years studying their methods, tells us what are the six most important. Watch the video and put the methods in the order in which he talks about them. 

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Advanced Dictation

The Bridges of Madison County, trailer Level: C1 – Advanced, American English This is the trailer for the 1995 tearjerker with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. It is, of course, a love story and in this trailer there is some useful “affairs of the heart” vocabulary which we use especially in written English. 

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Crime vocabulary

Bob Dylan, Hurricane Level: Advanced This song is about the wrongful imprisonment of the boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. It tells the story from the moment shots were heard to when Carter was imprisoned. It was written in 1975 and made Carter’s story known to the world. In this exercise there is some useful crime vocabulary. See also: Learn English with […]

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