Bob Seger, The Ring

Level: Elementary – American English

This is a song about a woman who got married too young and was not able to realise her dreams. Life becomes monotonous and her wedding ring is a reminder of where it all went wrong.

In this exercise there are some useful common nouns.


“see him through” : get him to where he wants to be

“in their teens” : to be aged thirTEEN, fourTEEN, fifTEEN, sixTEEN, sevenTEEN, eighTEEN or nineTEEN

“moved into” : went to live in a new house

“rolled on by” : passed

“slept through it” : slept while something else happened

“‘neath” : beneath (under)

“stood out” : was different than the others

“go off” : leave town

“work her way through” : to pay for college by working

“all packed” : bags packed and ready to go

“look back” : think about the past

“moved on” : don’t live there anymore

“turn in” : go to bed

“come to an end” : finish

“in the wee hours” : very early in the morning

die down” : gradually stop

“bird on the wing” : a flying bird