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Level: Intermediate - British English


David is jealous of Neil and doesn't like the fact that he is the centre of attention and everyone is saying good things about him. He therefore decides to criticise his cake.
There are some useful words and expressions which we can use to praise (and criticise) someone's cooking.

Fill in all the gaps with an adjective, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if you don't know the word.
WOMAN: What is in it? Do you know?
DAVID: What's this?
MAN: Sorry it's just this little birthday bash for Trudy. It's her birthday.
DAVID: Who organised this?
NEIL: I did.
DAVID: Bit over the top, isn't it? How much did that cost you? We're paying you too much!
NEIL: No, I made it myself.
WOMAN: You made it yourself?
MAN: He makes it every year. .
DAVID: Oh. Bit isn't it. Too .
WOMAN: That's really .
MAN: You ought to taste his lemon drizzle cake. It's even .
WOMAN: Oh really.
DAVID: I prefer a flan.

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