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English Grammar Reference: Adverbs of Frequency

When we want to say how often something is done, we can use an adverb of frequency.
hardly ever
sometimes often usually always


rarely seldom occasionally normally frequently generally   100%

The adverb generally goes directly before the main verb and after the auxilary verb.


I never go to the beach.
They usually have dinner at 5pm.
He hardly ever drinks coffee.
They can always go out on Saturdays.

If we want to specify how often something is done we use this construction:


I play football 3 times a week.
He cooks dinner 5 times a month.

We say a week, a day, an hour etc. We can also say per but it is more formal:


This job pays $50,000 per year.
This car can go at 150 miles per hour.

We don't usually say 1 time , we say once. We don't usually say 2 times, we say twice. More than twice we say times- 3 times, 10 times, 100 times etc.


She cleans the house once a week.
They go on holiday twice a year.
I go to the gym three times a week.
They go on holiday five times a year.


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