The Present Continuous

The Present Continuous

We use the present continuous when we say what is happening now.

I am reading now.
She is drinking tea at the moment.

Subject to be -ing form of verb
I am having lunch.
He is talking to me.
They are sleeping to me.

If the verb finishes with -e and the letter before the -e is a consonant, we take off the -e and then add -ing.

We are coming home.
She‘s driving.
He‘s shaving.

If the letter before the -e is a vowel, we add-ing as normal.

They are freeing the prisoners now.

Remember when we make a question with the verb to be we invert the subject and the verb to be:

She is sleeping. (affirmation)
Is she sleeping? (question)

It’s the same when we add a question word:

Why is she sleeping?
What are you doing?
What are they cooking?

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