The Infintive of Purpose

When we want to say why something is done we can use the infinitive of the verb. Examples Why are you going to Brazil? To visit the Amazon. Why did you phone her? To invite her to the party. What are you learning Chinese for? To be able to look for a job in China.

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We usually write the date in one of two ways: I was born on 2nd October 1970. I was born on October 2nd 1970. We say these dates in this way: I was born on the second of October nineteen seventy. I was born on October the second nineteen seventy. When we say the year we divide the number into two: 1990 – nineteen ninety 1278 – twelve seventy-eight For the first 10 […]

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Countable and Uncountable Nouns

A countable noun has a plural form. For example we say: 1 dog and 2 dogs. The singular form and the plural form are different and for this reason dog is a countable noun, like pen, car, etc. Note that most irregular nouns are countable. For example 1 child, 2 children. There is no “s” in the plural but the singular form […]

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I can swim.

Can is a modal verb and so always has the same form: I can You can We can You can He can She can It can They can After can we use the base form of the verb. Examples: I can swim. She can speak Spanish. The negative form of can is can’t. We use can to talk about ability and permission. Ability They can drive. She can’t use a computer. Permission He can’t go to […]

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