Some and Any

There are some chimpanzees.

Look at these sentences:

Are there any anteaters in the zoo?
No, there aren’t any anteaters but there are some chimpanzees.

We use some in positive sentences and any in negative sentences and questions.

Positive Negative Question
There are some cars. There aren’t any cars. Are there any cars?
You have some money. You don’t have any money. Do you have any money?

The same rules apply to something, somebody and somewhere.

Positive Negative Question
I did something interesting. I didn’t do anything interesting. Did you do anything interesting?
I know somebody in Brazil. I don’t know anybody in Brazil. Do you know anybody in Brazil?
I met someone interesting last night. I didn’t meet anyone interesting last night. Did you meet anyone interesting last night?
They went somewhere expensive on holiday. They didn’t go anywhere expensive on holiday. Did they go anywhere expensive on holiday?

Note that if you offer something to somebody we usually use some:

Would you like some food?
Do you want something to drink?

Also if we ask somebody to give us something we usually use some:

Could I have some water, please?
Can you lend me some money, please?

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