Present Perfect Continuous – How long

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We use the present perfect continuous when an action started in the past and is continuing.

I’ve been teaching English for 15 years.

Look at the construction:

Subject to have been -ing form of verb
I have been living abroad for 20 years.
They have been going out together for 3 years.
She has been studying English since she was a child.

For and Since

For + a number Since + a date or time
for 3 weeks
for 8 days
for 20 hours
since Tuesday
since 1990
since I was born

We say for + a number


She’s been working for three weeks.
He’s been sleeping for eight hours.
I’ve been waiting for two hours.

We say since + a date or time


She’s been here since Tuesday.
He’s been doing this job since 2000.
I’ve been playing football since I was 5.