Uses of will

What would you like to eat?

Of course we use will in English but not as often as you might think. Here is when we use it: To make an immediate decision What would you like to eat? I‘ll have a ham sandwich please. To make an offer You see that someone needs your help and so you offer to help him: I‘ll carry that for […]

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Gonna, gotta and wanna

In American movies and music it is very common to hear the words gonna, gotta and wanna. They are short forms of talking about the future (gonna), obligation (gotta) and desires (wanna). Gonna Gonna is the abbreviated form of going to and so is used to talk about the future. Sentence/ question with gonna Grammatically correct sentence/ question I’m gonna […]

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The Future – Differences between going to, present continuous and will

Basically we use to be going to when we intend to do something, we are probably going to do it but we have not confirmed it 100%. I‘m going to watch the match tonight. I‘m going to meet my friends tomorrow. I‘m going to eat pizza tonight. If I now call the pizzeria to book a table for two for 8 o’clock this evening […]

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