Uses of will

What would you like to eat?

Of course we use will in English but not as often as you might think. Here is when we use it: To make an immediate decision What would you like to eat? I‘ll have a ham sandwich please. To make an offer You see that someone needs your help and so you offer to help him: I‘ll carry that for […]

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Relative pronouns and phrasal verbs

John Prine, Angel from Montgomery Level: A2 (Pre-Intermediate) – American English Practise relative pronouns and phrasal verbs with this John Prine song. Glossary “named after“: given somebody’s name “burnt down“: destroyed by fire “hold onto“: keep and not let go “broken down“: something mechanical doesn’t work anymore “wake up“: stop sleeping

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Auxiliary verbs in questions and some and any

The Beatles, With a Little Help from my Friends Level: A2 (Pre-intermediate) Practise auxiliary verbs used in questions and the difference between some and any with this Beatles song.  Glossary “walk out on“: to abandon “get by“: to manage “get high“: to feel very happy (usually, but not always, after taking drugs) “love at first sight“: to fall in love with someone the first time […]

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The Past Perfect Simple

We use the past perfect when there are 2 actions in the past. The first action is the past perfect and the second action is the past simple. I had had breakfast before I went to work. He had already finished school by the time he was 16. We went to Wembley last night. We had never been there before. Look at the construction: Subject had past participle […]

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The Past Continuous

We use the past continuous to talk about an action which was happening at an exact time in the past. I was sleeping at 6 o’clock this morning. The construction is the same as the present continuous except the verb to be is in the past. The present continous refers to a specific moment in the present -now- while the past continuous refers […]

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The Passive

We use the passive form when the action is more important than who performs it: Look at the constructions: Present simple / Past simple Subject to be past participle of verb (by + object pronoun/name) The song is sung by Bob Dylan. The song was sung by Bob Dylan. Grapes are grown in France. The dishes were washed by my mother. Present continuous / Past […]

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