We usually write the date in one of two ways: I was born on 2nd October 1970. I was born on October 2nd 1970. We say these dates in this way: I was born on the second of October nineteen seventy. I was born on October the second nineteen seventy. When we say the year we divide the number into two: 1990 – nineteen ninety 1278 – twelve seventy-eight For the first 10 […]

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I can swim.

Can is a modal verb and so always has the same form: I can You can We can You can He can She can It can They can After can we use the base form of the verb. Examples: I can swim. She can speak Spanish. The negative form of can is can’t. We use can to talk about ability and permission. Ability They can drive. She can’t use a computer. Permission He can’t go to […]

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