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English Grammar Reference: Expressing opinion

You can introduce your opinion or show that you agree or disagree wth someone by starting your sentence with one of the following expressions:

Introducing opinion

(Personally), I think (that)
In my opinion...
In my view...
I'd say (that)...
If you ask me...
I believe (that)...
I'm sure (that)...
I reckon (that)...
To my mind...
I feel (that)...
As far as I'm concerned...
Speaking for myself...

Agreeing with someone

You're absolutely right.
I couldn't agree with you more.
I'd go along with that.
I agree with you entirely.
I agree.
I think so, too.
That's a good point.
That's just what I was thinking.
So do I / Neither do I.

Disagreeing with someone

I don't agree with you.
I wouldn't say that.
That's not entirely true.
I'm afraid I must disagree.
I must take issue with you on that.
I'm not so sure about that.

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