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English Grammar Reference

Countable and Uncountable Nouns


Expressing likes/ dislikes

Expressing opinion

Future Continuous

Future Perfect Continuous

Future Perfect Simple

Future with going to

Giving advice

Giving and receiving vocabulary

Going to, Present Continuous and Will


Have and have got

Infintive of Purpose


Irregular Adverbs

Irregular Verbs:

Common Irregular Verbs

Complete list of Irregular Verbs

It takes ...

Making suggestions

Modal verbs: Introduction

Modal verbs of Probability


Offering, accepting and refusing

Ordering in a cafe, restaurant or pub


Past Continuous

Past Perfect Continuous

Past Perfect Simple

Past Simple

Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns

Prepositions after verbs of movement

Prepositions of time

Present Continuous

Present Perfect Continuous 1 - How long

Present Perfect Continuous 2 - Results of an action

Present Perfect 1 - An experience in your life

Present Perfect 2 - When time period is continuing

Present Perfect 3 - Giving news

Present Perfect 4 - With yet, already, just, recently and lately

Present Perfect 5 - This is the first time /second time etc.

Present Perfect 6 - Stative verbs

Present Simple

Question Tags

Questions without auxiliary verbs

Relative clauses

Relative pronouns

Reported Speech

Say and Tell: Differences

Should and Ought to for advice

So and Such

Some and Any

Stative verbs

Stative verbs list

Subject and Object Pronouns

Telling the time

There is / There are

Time Expressions

Used to / Would

Useful adjectives and their opposites

Verb to be

Verbs of Feeling

What is ......... like?



Would rather and Would prefer


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