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Learn English with YouTube videos!

Songs, tv shows, movie clips and documentaries from YouTube with specially made interactive exercises to help you learn everyday English every day.

English exercises

Exercises to learn English grammar

Songs, movie clips and tv shows with interactive exercises to help you learn English grammar in an original way.

English Vocabulary

Exercises to learn English vocabulary connected with various themes

Learn English vocabulary with original English-language songs, movie clips and tv shows and our interactive exercises.

Italian exercises online www.oneworlditaliano.com
Learn Italian. Online course, exercises, youtube videos, dictations and more!
All free!

English listening and reading

Exercises to help you improve your general understanding of English

Watch original documentaries and other English-language videos and answer the questions to improve your listening skills.

Business English

Business English Exercises

Business documentaries, movie clips and other YouTube videos to help you learn business English.

English Dictations with original
English-language videos

Listen and watch movie clips, documentaries and other English-language videos, write what you hear and check your answers.

English Grammar

English Grammar Reference

English grammar explained using clear and simple explanations and examples from songs to help you remember.

English idioms

List and explanations of English Idioms

Explanations and examples of idioms we find in everyday English.

English phrasal verbs

List and explanations of English Phrasal Verbs

Explanations and examples of phrasal verbs found in everyday English.


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